Today marks a significant milestone at Alecto Recruitment

Today marks a significant milestone at Alecto Recruitment as they pay tribute to their most long standing employee, Mike Prew, by appointing him as an official Director of the company. Mike's journey at Alecto began when he transitioned from the retail industry, into recruitment under the guidance of Dean Langford and Sean Byrne 13 years ago.

Over the years, Mike has demonstrated unwavering commitment, loyalty, and an exceptional work ethic, consistently delivering outstanding results for Alecto Recruitment. Regardless of the challenges faced, his mindset has remained steadfast. His primary focus has always been on sourcing the best available talent and providing invaluable consultancy services to his clients.

Mike's expertise in recruitment and his deep understanding of various industries have been honed through his relentless dedication and perseverance. He has transformed into a true authority, bringing immense value to Alecto Recruitment, its employees, the talented individuals we work with and its clients.

The appointment of Mike as an official Director is a testament to his outstanding achievements, and it solidifies his pivotal role in driving the success and growth of Alecto Recruitment into the future.